Sword Heart


The letter that he had gotten back was polite enough. Not that Youji should be a good barometer of politeness, as he was also told that he was too polite. But is was his personal philosophy that it was better to be too respectful than not respectful enough. Especially when you dealt with spirits and other beings that wouldn’t be as forgiving of human blunders. 

A face to face meeting was wanted and a face to face meeting Mr. Holmes would get. Especially since after this, Youji had no other leads as to where Riku would be. Had to hope that this was the one lead that didn’t turn up to be fool’s gold. 

Youji dressed simply in khaki trousers and a t-shirt under a pale blue button up shirt, his sword tied to his waist with cord tying tsuba to saya, making it impossible for him to draw the sword without taking precious time to cut the knot. A guileless smile was put on his face, utterly innocent and making him continue to look far younger than his years. 

He rang the doorbell.